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A Whole Foods Adventure

15 Mar

I wish my mom could come to Whole Foods with me! Today, while waiting my turn at the Deli Counter, I enjoyed eavesdropping on a pregnant woman shopping with her mother. They looked at products together, tasted samples and chatted while waiting in line. As I watched and listened, I thought about those mundane activities, like food shopping with our moms, that we probably take for granted. And I thought about how my mother used whole wheat flour before it was readily available, roasted soybeans before most people had even heard of them and evaluated ingredients before they were mandated on all packages. Whole Foods might have been her dream food market. She would not have liked the prices, but she would have loved the products and philosophy.

It is easy to have fun in a market like Whole Foods and that makes it easier to fantasize about shopping there with my mother. While my reality sets in, I choose to look fondly on those women taking advantage of these opportunities. Instead of being filled with sadness that my mother and I each were deprived of such a simple pleasure, this is one of those instances in which I live vicariously. And, it is one of those activities that does make me wonder, is it as much fun as it looks? When does food shopping with your mom become more of a chore than a pleasure? Or, is life so busy that most do not even get the chance to find that out? What inspires you to share ordinary activities with your mom or just daydream about these adventures you did or would experience?