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10 Mar

Do you know how to pick produce in the supermarket? Do you remember to check the expiration date of products you buy? I do, thanks to my mother. Yesterday, after opening a new package of parmesan cheese which smelled sour, my son (who again, in this story, exhibits traits he inherited from my mom) asked if I had checked the expiration date. “Of course I did,” I said, “I learned that from my mother.” I took this opportunity to recall various housekeeping protocols that I learned from watching and helping my mother. And, I wonder, what did I not get the opportunity to learn? Honestly, I often feel fortunate because I know she taught me things that other women with and without mothers don’t know. How many people know that your shampoo bubbles more on the second wash because it lathers up better on clean hair? Okay, maybe that is not so important, but how about this– is it common knowledge that keeping the lid on a pot of boiling water makes it boil more quickly? Or, how many people (with and without cleaning help) know to dust top to bottom and before vacuuming?

What household tasks are you better at because of your mom? Do you know whether to use foil or plastic wrap on cheese? Do you know how to fold the corners when wrapping a present? And, are our children learning some of these same or similar tips from us?