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Spring Shopping

20 Mar

Do you remember when The Mall at Short Hills was an outdoor shopping plaza? Yesterday, while surveying the beautiful stores for spring clothes with my daughter, Sandra, I recalled touring the mall with my mom.

I certainly wish she could see it now! Back in the 1970s, the mall was an outdoor series of connected stores, anchored by Bloomingdales and B. Altman. Now going to the mall is a spontaneous stop in the middle of our busy days. Back then it was a trip saved for special occasion shopping. When it was time to find a fancy dress for the annual dinner dance, a relative’s Bat Mitzvah or wedding AND when we exhausted all nearby and more economical shops, off we went to Short Hills. After the mall’s original enclosure, it continued to be a collection of exclusive shops and mostly an impractical venue for our budget. We were used to central Jersey’s Woodbridge Center and the Brunswick Square Mall.  There we could find bargains and enjoy a special Fribble at Friendly’s. At The Mall at Short Hills, we would be exhausted combing the sale racks and settle for a cookie from a bakery. We could not afford the time or the three course meals at the only two (and fancy) restaurants.

Yesterday, while filling a dressing room with new and trendy spring clothes, Sandra and I were treated to complimentary cookies in Bloomingdales.  Sunlight poured through the ceiling windows and helped put a spotlight on Aritzia’s window’s mannequins. I could hear my teenage oohs and aahs as clearly as I spotted Sandra’s obsession with the latest Ray Ban’s.

For me, strolling through the mall with Sandra can turn into a trip down memory lane. I truly hope that mother/daughter shopping trips continue to be a fundamental custom for all women! What are your special memories of shopping with your mom? Do you visit some of the same spots with your daughter?