Meet Shari

piazza editedI was 30 years old when my mother lost her 3 year battle with lung cancer. My father had died four years before that. I am lucky to have had wonderful, loving parents and a great relationship with each. I’ve been asked why I chose to write about my mom and not my dad. I did speak to her almost every day, even during college when I lived only 30 minutes away at Rutgers University.  And, with her death, a huge void opened in my life. While dealing with the sorrow became easier over time, the gaping hole did not shrink. In fact, it has grown. My complicated life—marriage, motherhood, working – made not having a mother more of a handicap. Being a mother without a mother was at times daunting.  Fortunately, I am grateful to have two amazing children, my 21 year old daughter and my 18 year old son.

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