Dancing and Dining In NYC and at Home

1 Jan

Happy and Healthy New Year to YOU!

This past holiday week was filled with celebrations and relaxation and most interestingly, for me, moments of reminiscence. As usual, my flashback to moments with my mom occurred spontaneously.

First, as I was battling traffic in New York City, I drove past the New York Hilton on 6th Avenue and was immediately transported back to the years in which my parents attended the winter CIBS Ball (Cosmetic Industry Buyers and Suppliers Association winter event). I could immediately picture my mom’s ballgowns and shoes. It was an extravagant treat for her to buy a new gown and matching shoes. To me, a wide-eyed child who waited anxiously to see the Miss America Pageant, this ball prep was enormously exciting.  I imagine that she was often filled with anxiety as she chose the right dress and shoes within, I’m sure, a tight budget. She was always worried about being seen in the same dress as a previous year or as another guest. When I was an older teenager, I would insult her to prove a point: “No one cares about what you are wearing each year—they would never remember if you wear the same dress.” No matter what I said, she would never feel confident repeating a dress. I always loved looking through her boxes of fancy shoes. Many were black and some had fancy clips or buttons. I remember one shiny pair of sandals- black patent leather with mirrored heels. And, of course, she chose the perfect make-up, complimented by one of her many Charles of the Ritz lipsticks (https://iwishmymom.wordpress.com/?s=lipstick&submit=Search). Some years my parents chose to enlist my grandmother’s babysitting service so they could stay overnight after the ball. I was excited by that too—imagining their whole night from party to pajamas. They would come home with a table photo showing all of the fancy dresses and tuxedos.

The other strong recollection I had was my parents’ New Year’s Eve party. Since I allow my imagination to embellish stories, here I envision the party taking place several years in a row. I remember the dark brown and maroon rug being rolled up and placed on one side of the room so they could dance. How exciting it was to watch as our family room was transformed into a party place. Once the party started, I would watch the dancing for a little while, impressed with the adults.  Decades before Dancing with the Stars, adults with and without talent “tore up” my family’s floor.

As I celebrated Hanukkah, enjoyed holiday cheer and anticipated 2012, I enjoyed these random and often elaborate memories. While holidays often create an especially despondent longing for my mom, they also often fill me with warm feelings of how grateful I am to have had and to remember many meaningful moments with my mom. And, I wonder if this happens to everyone.  Do you remember your mom’s holiday events and special moments? Even if they did not directly involve you, what were they like for her and for you?



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