“Aunt” Susan’s Noodle Pudding

16 Oct

I ‘d like to thank my sister-in-law, Alyssa,  for this guest post.  I am glad I had the chance to know her mom, Susan (and enjoy her famously delicious noodle pudding).  I know for sure that she would have been a most beloved “other mother.”

My mother passed away when I was 18 and after many years I almost gave up the hope of finding her famous recipe for noodle pudding. 23 years  later, I was at my cousin’s wedding and somehow noodle pudding came up. My cousin told me she has a recipe that’s entitled *Aunt Susans’ Noodle Pudding and maybe it’s hers. Really?? After 23 years you’re telling me someone in the family had the recipe!?!!?!!?

 So, after all these years and many noodle pudding attempts, I had the
coveted recipe. I told my girls, now 6 and 7, how excited I was to make my
mother’s recipe for Yom Kippur! They pretended to be excited too. Now that I’m 41 (I know hard to believe) and I have this recipe, I’m wondering who can eat this other than kids.. sugar, noodles and other ingredients (that will remain secret)? what a combo.
It came out great and is delicious! My children wouldn’t even try it.
Slightly disappointing but did i eat it at that age? Is it as good as I
remember? Probably not, but how could it be better than one that my mom made herself?
What was great is that I now have the recipe and got to make it for my
family. I will continue to make it each year. Will they like it?  Maybe, maybe not. Or maybe noodle pudding isn’t their thing, its mine and my mothers and my children and i will have other things…

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