The Jersey Shore

25 Aug

The Jersey shore

I’m no Snookie (not even close), but I do love the Jersey Shore! I have always loved my trips to the beach, each and every one. Yesterday, my two teenage children and I ventured down for a few hours on the sand. And, as usual, this trip left me pining for more.  This particular obsession is not linked to my mom. She did not like the sand or tanning. Fortunately, she did love seafood and since we lived only about 30 minutes from the beach, we enjoyed both planned and spontaneous trips to Atlantic Highlands for seafood. Bahrs Restaurant was a special treat. Occasionally, on Sundays, we would go to the docks and meet fishing boats to buy their “catch of the day” for cooking at home. But, day trips to sit on the sand and ride the waves were rare.  Luckily, I was able to satisfy my beach need by going to Philip’s Avenue Beach in Deal with my friends and their moms.

With most of my relatives living far from New Jersey, I do sometimes wonder why we remain here. Day trips to the beach are one of the lures for me. Instead of using Ban de Soleil #4 (were you also addicted to that orange goop?), I slather on a high SPF lotion and thrive on the shore’s sounds, smells and relaxed ambiance. I am always thrilled to bring my children to the same beaches that made me a huge fan of the Jersey Shore!

What is your favorite beach memory? Did you grow up enjoying the beach with family or discovering it more on your own, as I did?


One Response to “The Jersey Shore”

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster August 26, 2011 at 4:38 pm #

    Actually, a favorite beach memory has been on my mind a lot the last few days. 9/4 will be 1.5 years since my mom died, and 0.5 years since her house sold. To make that a day of celebration instead of one of sorrow, I took Li’l D down to a place my mom loved on her one for-fun trip of her life. The next day, I posted a picture. I remember being at the ocean with my mom often when we lived in Monterey (my 1st grade year), so that’s the source of the caption, and in a way the title of my guest blog entry’s title, “Mother, Child, Mother.”

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