Pack It Up

25 Jun

Packing is one of the travel necessities that can be so daunting I might choose to avoid it and stay home!  While sharing personal stories about who packs the children for summer camp or family vacations, two of us (controlling) mothers admitted to usurping this task. We have no qualms over feeling more capable of ensuring that our children have enough clothing, toiletries, etc. and that luggage space is maximized. I gloated that I know how to fill each corner of the luggage by rolling shirts and socks to fit into each nook and cranny.

The conversation led me to ask, “Who taught you how to pack or did you just figure it out?” And, of course, we each had the same answer—“MY MOTHER.” I remember my mother’s pride as she folded, rolled and secured each item into the most efficient spot. As she maximized space, she also minimized creases and wrinkles.

As your children prepare for summer camp, vacations or even college, do you pack with them? For them? Do you do a final check to make sure nothing is left behind? Who influenced your packing? Did your mother have certain rules or methods? Which is more important to you (and which would your mother choose), maximizing space or minimizing wrinkles? If we control the packing too much, are we shirking our responsibility to pass along the packing protocol?


2 Responses to “Pack It Up”

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster June 25, 2011 at 9:16 am #

    This makes me smile, for packing was one of those practicalities for which my mom had no knack. I did my own packing (in the rare instance it was needed) from the time I was small. I’m a light packer compared to Ba.D., who packs travel bags and diaper bags alike for every contingency. 🙂

    On an urelated note, have you heard of Motherless Daughters? Another blogging friend recommended it to me and at 10% of the way in I’m already finding it illuminating!

    • Shari Danzig Stein June 25, 2011 at 9:31 am #

      Oh boy, can I remember packing all of the children’s things when mine were very young! With each year and stage, they shed some of their necessities and packing became soooo much easier!

      I am also reading Motherless Daughters! I’ve been reading it more like a reference book and find it right on par with my (and your) feelings.

      Thanks for all of your thoughts and comments Deb!

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