Other Mothers, Part 2: The Bleachers

12 Jun

Other Mothers, Part 2 Sub title: The Bleachers

Back in April I wrote about my “Other Mothers.” (https://iwishmymom.wordpress.com/2011/04/10/other-mothers/) These are friends and friends’ mothers who reach out to me and either consciously or just because it’s their nature, mother me. These same women often inspire me and act as role models.

I have discovered another group of “other mothers:” Grandmothers who come to watch their grandchildren’s baseball games. For about 2 hours, I sometimes find myself immersed in conversations with them. Some of these women become my sounding board. They tend to share wisdom as they watch the game. “Children these days, they just have too much going on, they’re so busy….” Or, “It’s so good to be on a team. Johnny’s dad played….” If they are frequent attendees or we have common teams more than once, they will even make personal comments. “ Wow, he has really grown up. In the last season….” I actually become so entranced with them, that I look forward to the games I know they will attend. Did I really come just to watch my child?

I even get pleasure in just observing these grandmas. I wonder if my mom would look similar. I watch them and imagine my mother doing the same thing. I think, “Oh, this is what my mother would be saying….this is how she would act at my son’s game. That is the smile she would have when my son gets a great hit….”

Have you had similar experiences? Do you find yourself admiring these women, hoping they will be at the next game? If your mom is alive, but does not come to these events (hopefully because she lives to far away), do you also find yourself becoming attached, even for a very short while, to the grandmothers who are there? What do you think of these other mother experiences?


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