Cosmetics and the Car

23 May

It often seems that my own behavior or mispronunciation (Great Adventures post) mimics my mother’s. Yet in our recent family car ride, my very own daughter reminded me of my mother. In fact, I lectured her with almost the same speech my father gave my mom—as she applied make up on our way to visit relatives. We might have even been on the same part of the NJ Turnpike as mascara and eyeliner were applied. “It is not safe, don’t put that near your eye while we’re moving….” I recall my father being even more horrified than I was, worrying about my mother poking out her eye! But, my daughter took this make-up session to a new level—opening the window to dispose of the shavings while sharpening her eye pencil Crazy.

Growing up, I thought this was more of a woman vs man issue. My mother was often late in getting ready and leaving the house. It made sense that she might have to finish her make-up in the car. I thought my father just did not understand a woman’s dependence on make-up and need to be perfectly coiffed before entering most social gatherings. Even my dad who worked for a major cosmetics company (Lipstick Tree post), did not empathize with a make-up obsession.

But, of course that was not the case at all. “Use all the make-up you want in a stationary spot”, he should have said. And, that is exactly the message I gave my daughter on route to dinner in NYC.

I must imagine that either you remember a similar make-up or car safety issue from either your mom or yourself. What was the transgression?  Is it a mother’s job to teach us how to use make-up and when to apply it?  How often do you apply make-up in the car? If driving, should the “no texting” law include “no make-up application”?


One Response to “Cosmetics and the Car”

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster May 24, 2011 at 12:14 am #

    I think the furthest I’ve ever gotten with applying make-up on the car was dabbing on some Burt’s Balm! I do occasionally run a comb through my hair (without looking the mirror), but I say that’s about the extent of my activity in the car.

    My mom’s cars were so shoddy I mostly remember being terrified they were going to break. As a result of that, I’ve tended to be hyperaware of the road just in case breaks/engines/etc. fail in the middle of the road. (It’s especially bad on uphills!)

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