The Bronx

4 May

I wish my mom could have been part of my conversation tonight. She would be so proud! Sitting on the bleachers during my son’s baseball game, a friend and I were chatting about many things and discussed where we grew up. When she told me she is from The Bronx, I immediately thought about how much emphasis my mom put on the very important article, The, before Bronx. Actually, it is important because that is the proper name, my mother used to assert. I was touched by my friend’s allegiance to her “hometown” and it struck a special soft spot since my mother also defended the name and spirit of The Bronx. This friend added some trivia that my mother would have enjoyed—the fact that there are only two other places in the world that have a mandatory The preceeding the name. And, they are very important places, indicating that The Bronx can be placed on the same VIP list.

You never know when thoughts and conversations will come up that make you remember your mom and recall your or her past. I started the day not knowing what I would write in the post and, as it turns out, I did not have to brainstorm. Afterall,  if we, even if we are “motherless,” allow our mothers to be part of our thoughts and existence, we are likely to make connections constantly.

What aspect of your mom’s past did she feel strongly about? Did she have allegiance to her hometown and why?


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