One Fourth

1 May

I am about to use one of my mother’s ingenious methods for making sure that my family shared prized items. She used it for dessert, yet I am going to adapt it to lox! Until my mother implemented this solution, we struggled with arguments over who had more of my mom’s Wacky Cake. The cake is a delicious and light chocolate cake that is made with a wacky ingredient (worth a separate blog entry in the future) and we would finish almost the whole cake after dinner. That is where the problem came in. Sometimes my sister, mother and I would not choose to eat much cake after dinner, but my father always had extra dessert room. So, when the I was about ten, my mother started cutting the cake into 4 pieces. Thus, we could eat our quarter any time we wanted. There was no pressure to finish our assigned piece, no more reason to hurry before my father finished every crumb.

We do have similar issues in my family now. Usually it all works out, but the struggle ensues. However, the star, most wanted food is lox! It seems that as soon as I open the package, it’s almost all gone. I have observed one or two members of our family taking piece after piece, without obvious regard for others who might want just a little lox sandwich?  I am often afraid that if we don’t each eat lox right away, we won’t get any at all.  So, next time I buy a package of lox, I will divide it into 4 portions. Each of us will be allowed to eat from our portion only, but with an “expiration date” so that all of the portions are consumed before they spoil!

I wish I could tell my mom how her wacky cake procedure will help eliminate my family’s stressful lox consumption! What unique and useful tips/tricks have you adopted from your mom?


One Response to “One Fourth”

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster May 2, 2011 at 3:51 pm #

    Ooh, I’m going to have to store this one for later use! We never used any device like this, but would’ve avoided many fearsome struggles if we had. 😉

    My mom used to pretend she was doing kung fu. It was really ridiculous stuff that made me and my siblings laugh, no matter how grumpy we’d been moments before. Now, when my son is starting to grumble, I bust out my mom’s silly kung fu-style movies (complete with crazy vocals) and see my son’s bad moods melt away. I borrowed from her not only the strategy but the utter disregard for embarrassment, else I wouldn’t have used this strategy at Saturday’s book fair! :p

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