The Rescue

27 Apr

Mothers have a natural ability to suddenly change their plans or direction. This flexible mother might have to cancel lunch plans due to her child’s sudden strep throat, create an outfit for the required chorus concert attire her daughter forgot about, or stay in because she grounded her son. I had thought about tonight’s blog post early today when a colleague mentioned something her mother was doing for her. I had it all thought out. And, I also envisioned enjoying a calm and warm summer evening while watching my son play baseball. But, that all changed when I received my daughter’s frantic phone call. She had miscalculated her timing and was 15 minutes late for her first lacrosse referee job—and couldn’t find her ref. whistle. So, just as mother’s do when the strep culture shows bacteria, I changed my plans. I found someone to drive my son home, flew off of the bleachers, ran into my car and drove my daughter to the game. Just like the mom unimagining the special sushi rolls she is going to order for lunch, I took myself out of tonight’s baseball bleacher line-up. And, I immediately changed my blog post for tonight.

I know there are times my mother made similar sacrifices and times she chose not to!  And, that’s okay too-deciding not to change plans. I’ve mentioned how I spoke with my mother almost every day and often more than once a day. This crazy night would have necessitated an immediate phone call, “Mom, you wouldn’t believe….” It’s actually one of those stories that seems incredibly crazy at the moment. You just can’t believe how you had to change your plans. But, really, it’s just a fleeting, ordinary mother moment. And, it’s a story that hardly anyone except your mom would appreciate. On a night like this, I do wish I could call up my mom and tell her all about it. She’d sympathize and then probably recall a similar situation. We’d end up laughing about how motherhood is full of unpredictable events and constant compromises.

I’m sure you’ve had a similar occurrence, perhaps today or this week. Which of your plans were changed and how did you handle it?


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