Couponing, but Not Extreme

18 Apr

After hearing the promotions for TLC’s new show, Extreme Couponing, my children excitedly announced that there’s finally a show made for me! Of course they did not want me to audition for fear that I would be the next guest star! After watching it, we can all relax. My couponing prowess is not nearly extreme enough.  Perhaps these women would  commend my efforts, but I am sure I would not be accepted into their tribe. However, more important than their approval, I know my mom would be proud of me. I wish my mom could see this show—she would get such a kick out of it. Even though she was more coupon-obsessed than I am, thankfully I think she would not even want to be considered competition for their couponing.

I do give my mother credit for teaching me how to shop economically. Like the women on this show, she planned her trips to the supermarket, with coupons organized and ready for use. But, she only bought items that she would buy anyway without discounts, and she wisely bought reasonable quantities. I do not know why I chose this as one of her habits to adopt. We all know that although daughters try to resist adopting their mother’s idiosyncratic behaviors, they do embrace many anyway.

I will continue to coupon as my mom did and I am glad ours is not an extreme addiction. Which of your mom’s habits have you adopted? How do you feel about it? Do you embrace it or find yourself resistant and maybe even embarrassed? How do you feel about coupons? Is your attitude toward coupons similar to your mom’s?


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