Holiday Time

14 Apr

Sharing events that invite mother/daughter participation are  bittersweet for me. I love to see my peers with their moms and sometimes with their daughters also, enjoying an event that involves 2 -3 generations of women in their family. My immediate reaction is, “I wish my mom was here to enjoy this together.” Fortunately, at my Temple’s Women’s Seder tonight, my memories took hold and brought me back to a special event my mom and I attended while I was a teenager. We toured the Lower East Side of New York with our Temple’s Sisterhood. It was a different Temple and different type of event, but engendered the same warm feelings of Jewish cultural history and holiday preparation. As if it was yesterday, I remember standing in the basement of the Kosher winery, being treated to a sip of sweet wine and learning how it is made all year-long. We visited (but did not immerse ourselves in) a Mikvah. Along the way, we stopped for the usual pickle and deli treats. These shared experiences really do last a lifetime!

As the Passover holiday arrives, I will be reminiscing (and writing) about the spending the holiday with my mom—and the one year she and my dad were away and left me without family. Holiday and religious celebrations are family time and absolutely leave me missing my mom and my dad. So, this is when I look at my family now and treasure each shared moment, making sure that the holidays provide us with good feelings and long-lasting, forever memories.

What holiday memories do you have? If you are motherless, do you feel especially sad during holidays? How do you make your memories last, what memories do you bring to your holiday table?


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