Moms: A driving force

12 Apr

I wish my mom could drive me now! My mom liked driving and we had a standing family joke about her speed—we would tell her when we wanted to arrive at our destination and she’d make it happen. Tonight I was reminded of her Mario Andretti-efforts as I battled traffic to get my son to his soccer practice on time.

My mother did not learn to drive until she was over 30 years old, when we moved to NJ from Brooklyn in 1966. She caught on very quickly and, like me, liked the control and freedom of driving. I am the primary driver on family road trips and, while I never thought about it before, my mom was probably a driving force for me. It’s easy to become comfortable driving when your mom is!

Especially for our mothers’ generation, driving was a male-dominated activity. Even now, we expect “the man” to be behind the wheel. I think driving was one of the activities that helped my mother feel and become independent. So, I am glad to take yet another one of my mother’s traits on the road!

Who is/was the main driver during your childhood? How are your driving habits like your mom’s (speed, comfort, radio choices)?



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