Other mothers

10 Apr

If you have or had a close relationship with your mom, then you know that desperate daughter desire for your mom’s advice. I often find myself wondering and assuming what advice my mother would give me. I imagine she would tell me about the time I had a major fit over homework and the details would help me get through my own childrens’ drama. Or, she would remind me how stubborn I was. She might give me the push I need to be less lenient. But, sometimes, my own thoughts are just not enough. Luckily, just like the contestants on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, I reach out to my lifelines. I really do feel fortunate to have “other mothers” to call upon. Some of these women take on their role with full intention, reaching out to me and drawing me in. Others just happen to be great role models, relatives or friends who inspire me.

I must admit that these other mothers provide a perfect combination of support and caring without the baggage that comes with real mothers. They have their own children for the nitty gritty: worrying about your mom, helping her with health and all sorts of issues, listening to criticism and complaints, etc. I will continue to say that I’d take all of that baggage in a second to have my own mom. Yet,these other mothers are also a blessing in my life. A few weeks ago I phoned one, a best friend’s mom, for parenting advice. I needed and got both her ear and a dose of reality-driven and time-tested suggestions. Yesterday I spoke with another, an aunt, who provides that family history connection while chatting. Unfortunately, she has serious health issues, so she even provides me with cause for worry.

These women and the “others” will make more appearances in my posts since they are integral parts of my life. I have grown to depend on them as I would my mother.

Who are your other mothers? Even if your mother is still alive, you might have other women who nurture and maybe even pamper you. Perhaps there is someone who helps you in just one aspect- work, home, marriage, children. That’s the really neat thing about other mothers- they are not all-encompassing. Their involvement in our lives might be compartmentalized or limited.  In any case, we are so lucky to have them in our lives!


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