The Lipstick Tree

7 Apr

I love lipstick. It completes an outfit or can even change a whole look. Just when I’m getting bored with my current colors and feel the urge to experiment at a cosmetics counter, I picture my mother’s lipstick tree. Yes, she had a whole Charles of the Ritz lipstick tree sitting on her dresser. There must have been 50 different shades of lipstick available at all times! Pink, red, peach, mauve, shear or opaque, she had colors to match any mood or outfit. How lucky was I! My father worked for a cosmetics company and my mother took full advantage of the perks. As a little girl who loved clothes and make up, I was mesmerized by this tower of colorful tubes. I’m pretty sure I got in trouble at least a few times for trying on too many colors, smearing them all over my lower lip and making a mess.

I will always associate lipstick with my mom because of the display on her dresser. I do think that I’d love shopping for lipstick anyway, it’s in my genes! But, I get an extra kick and often a spontaneous smile walking by cosmetics counters.

Do you have a special make-up memory made more special because of your mom? What objects do you remember from your mom’s room?



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