Great Adventures

31 Mar

How many times did I correct my mother’s pronunciation of certain words only to hear her mispronounce them again the next time? I have learned that it must just be a mother thing to do—annoy our children by adding an “s” or taking away “ing.”

I can remember when Great Adventure was being built and had its grand opening. It was exciting for our whole family. My parents were thrilled to take us on a safari ride. And yet, no matter how many times we went to or talked about the adventure park, my mother would call it Great AdventureS. I am sure you can tell just how much that irked me. I can hear myself, as if it was just this morning, saying, “Mom, it’s not Great AdventureS, it’s Great Adventure.” Over and over, summer after summer, I would persevere, but without success, ever.

Just as my mother could have predicted, I make similar mistakes. Yesterday, while driving to the mall, my son chatted about one of the characters on “Will Ferrell’s soccer team.” Oh, “in Kickin’ and Screamin?” I asked. I had no idea what I had done wrong when he responded, “MOM, really.” Dumbfounded, I listened as he explained my error. The correct title is Kicking and Screaming. I accepted the correction and thought we could continue our conversation. But, first I had to endure the same sort of lecture I gave my mom 33 years ago. I wish I could tell my mom how right she was (not about the pronunciation), but about how I would eventually experience the same woes she did!

Do or did you get annoyed with “errors” your mom made? Did she mispronounce your friend’s names? Your teacher’s names?  Which of your trivial, but annoying mistakes irk your children?


2 Responses to “Great Adventures”

  1. Judith McLaughlin April 3, 2011 at 8:53 am #


    My mother called it Great AdvenutreLAND!

    So funny! I too remember the opening and going through the safari on a great big outing with our cousins. Great post!

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