The Cleaning Lady, take two,

22 Mar

We all  have moments when we become our mothers…no matter how much we promised ourselves we would not “act that way.” Here it is, a new dilemma and one that affected my mother for years. I’m not happy with our new cleaning help. My mother was never happy with the women she hired to clean our house. I remember thinking, “that poor woman…she tried so hard and my mother expects too much.” If you read my “Expired” post, you already know that my mother was a cleaning fanatic–anyone trusted with a duster in my house had to abide by the rules. Well, Linda, a very kind and sweet young woman is now coming to my house and after she leaves, I become anxious as I see floors that do not sparkle, corners with cobwebs and chachkas placed askew.  Just like my mother, I go a little crazy then looking for all of the faulty areas. Did she disinfect all of the toilets? Why are there a few stains on the bathroom floor? Did she splash the glass shower door while cleaning the bathroom floor? These are the same questions my mom asked 35 years ago! The most discouraging part is that I am afraid I will continue to be unhappy even if I change cleaning women. Just like my mom, I might hire and fire and make many women so unhappy. I am typically tolerant and see myself being quite picky about this. So,  I am going to keep Linda for now and realize that if I let her go, a pattern may prevail.

Do you have any very specific behavior patterns that you trace to your mom? Do you recall thinking and maybe saying, “I’ll never….”

Do you, as I do, wish your mom could see you now and you could both have a big laugh as you carry on her “crazy” ways? What do you find yourself reacting to in just the same way your mom did?

P.S. If you haven’t sensed it already, I am grateful to my mom for teaching me how to clean and helping me expect the best from myself and those I hire!


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