Would she hold me back or reel me in?

8 Mar

Would she be the mother I complain about or the one I thank for (even attempting to) rescuing me from some hardship. I’ve heard it all, even just this week. One friend’s mother simply makes her feel inept. She points out her flawed parenting skills. She, too loudly, wonders, “Why does she [her daughter] favor one child—can’t she see how she has created a child with low self-esteem?” And, then there’s the mother who sneaks in to help her daughter while her son-in-law is at work. “They have so little time to just be together as a family….they don’t need me around on Sunday, their only day together. I’ll get my fill while he is on a business trip.” Mothers can have such a hold on our lives—we can only hope it will be the hold that reels us in and enables us to find contentment.

I wonder what hold your mom has if she is still alive. And, if not, what part of your life would you have her hold? Would you be more likely to complain or thank her?



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