The Race, Part B

3 Mar

A story I love to share illustrates just how proactive and fair my mother was. During a meeting to create my 9th grade schedule, my new guidance counselor looked at my name and said, “Oh, Susan’s sister. Well, let’s see…do you have the same kinds of grades your sister has (all A’s)? She then looked at my school record and said, “Oh, I guess not.” Really, she said that! I, a 14-year-old A and B student, was stunned and angry. So, I went home and told my mother about the conversation. She was livid! She immediately called the school and spoke with the highest ranked administrator and warned that I was never, ever to be compared to my sister again. She gave a short lecture on the importance of treating siblings as individuals. I was grateful—instead of being upset with me for not getting those straight A’s, she always allowed me to be myself. She helped me learn how to advocate for others and for myself.

My mom could have been featured in the film, The Race to Nowhere, as part of the solution. Even though she is not here to remind me, I try to mother my children with these principles.

I hope you find guidance from your mother. Which of her special philosophies or techniques inspire you and help you guide your children through school?



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