Simple Tasks

24 Feb

How do we learn how to take care of a house? Our mothers, mostly.  We might learn by seeing what they do or what they don’t do! In fact the latter rang true for my mother. I recall her telling me how my grandmother did not know how to clean–or maybe even that she should clean the house. As my mother endured life in a messy house, she pledged to do a much better job. And, she did follow through. She knew how to clean corners, under furniture and rugs, and the most inconspicuous dirty spots more meticulously than I’ll ever see again. Yet, it wasn’t all dust-free and shiny…she often skipped the cleaning tasks if she thought she would not be able to do a perfect job. Seeking perfection in each job she took on actually stymied her ability to start and finish these jobs. But, that’s a whole blog post in itself…another time.

I wonder, am I the only “lucky”–(really, lucky to know how to clean thoroughly??) daughter who learned how to clean because my mother set good examples and involved her children (okay, often forced her children)? What if your mother passed away before she was able to show you? In that case, did you learn to clean? how? from whom? Or, like my own mother, did you learn how to clean so that you could dig out of your own house? If you have cleaning questions now, who do you ask? For example, I’d love to ask my mom how to get a bit of paint off of our basement carpeting? I can google the answer, but will the result contain that motherly wisdom? Are most daughters fortunate enough to have had some motherly tutelage?



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