Missing a supervisor

22 Feb

In our professional lives, we react to the interference or support from supervisors. We have all had experiences with the good and the bad…the helpful and the unreasonable…. The same with moms?

It is not until a few years into my current position, that I truly missed having a supervisor. As an English teacher, I always had a direct supervisor as well as a principal, superintendent, etc. Some supervisors were supportive and even inspirational. As a librarian, I have never had a library supervisor, someone to watch over me and the job I do.  Sure, sometimes I am glad to not have pressure, even interference. But, often, I would relish encouragement and even constructive criticism.

The same with moms. As a child and teenager, I can recall those (thankfully fleeting) moments when I thought how much easier life would be without someone telling me what, when and how to do things. I often resented my mom’s instruction and criticism.  Fortunately, I did always feel her strong love and underlying approval.  Do we, at almost any age, strive to “please our moms” because, deep down,  we know they are driven by that motherly supervision and confidence in our abilities? Or, do we fear their disapproval? At some level, do we know they’re right? Or, at times, do we just accept the fact that they are “boss?”

I wonder how many other daughters appreciate the supervisors they do have in their lives? Do you find yourself trying to please your supervisor the way you do or would try to please your mom? Do you have or miss that pat on the back?  Do you crave, as I do at times, constructive criticism from those with “supervisory” roles in our lives?


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