Women Helping Women

17 Feb

Looking through a local paper today, I noticed an announcement for a meeting of the “Women Helping Women” group. How nice, I thought, here is a group of women getting together to discuss and, ideally, support each other’s work, parenting and even social situations. I then thought, isn’t that what a mother/adult daughter relationship is all about? That is exactly what I wish I had with my mom—a woman helping woman relationship. We certainly had a history of helping each other. The idea of a group of women meeting formally to help each other actually makes me feel more “normal.” It’s not just me, many woman need, or at least, desire, each other’s help. Both women who have and women who do not have mothers are looking for more female companionship. If women with mothers are seeking help, I must be doing okay. I have a few very good friends and we do help each other unconditionally and constantly. But, that is not even enough. These friendships do not usually begin or get maintained because we need help. I do wonder and might need to investigate this “Women Helping Women” group. How old are these women? Do they have mothers involved in their lives? Why are they seeking this sort of help?

Are good mother/adult daughter relationships strong enough to satisfy each other’s needs? How can we each set up our own network to compensate for not having a mother’s help?


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