Finding everyday strength

12 Feb

Do adult women derive strength from their mothers? I ask this at times when I would love a push to persevere, mostly with motherly duties. I wonder if my mom’s opinion or backing would encourage me to feel stronger when carrying out standard punishments and rules with my children. Raising my children without my mother in my life, I have no idea if her presence would make raising children easier. When I feel I must enforce the grounding of my daughter or take away xbox controllers from my son, I try to have my mother’s voice in my head, “just do it, of course it’s hard, but you must….” And, while these are typical, problems, even regular mothering decisions seem insurmountable sometimes. It’s easier to feel sympathy for myself, thinking that my mother would make my backbone stronger!

Do other mothers without mothers experience these same weak feelings? Do mothers with mothers in their lives feel stronger? Do they seek support from their mothers for those mundane decisions and needs? Are they stronger mothers because of their own mothers’ presence? Ultimately, the question is: How does a mother become stronger if she is not naturally receiving this kind of support?


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